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Squeek Steele and her World Record Event

Squeeky Keys Documentary

The story of Squeek Steele and her world record event.

Watch the documentary of Squeek’s Guinness World Record in 1988 for most songs performed by memory. “SQUEEKY KEYS” was directed and produced by Ginger Cook of BC Entertainment, and masterfully sets the scene and tells the story of how Squeek’s Guinness World Record journey came to fruition.

The 30 minute documentary can be streamed or downloaded for a small fee on Vimeo. It’s a fun watch!

how to move a piano in virginia city, nevada

How To Move A Piano

When Squeek needs to move your piano from one venue to the next in Virginia City, Nevada, she just calls on a few friends and makes a show of it.

This video documents a little roadshow from Piper’s Opera House on B Street down to the Bucket Of Blood on C Street.

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