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Ragtime - VOLUME ONE

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Black and White Rag
Magnetic Rag
Texas Tommy, a.k.a. King Chanticleer
At a Georgia Camp Meeting
Pickles and Peppers
The Entertainer
5/4 Rag Waltz
Mississippi Rag
Elite Syncopations
Chicken Chowder
Garoto (tango)
Bethena, a Ragtime Waltz
Searchlight Rag
Broadway Rag
Stoptime Rag
Smoky Topaz
Sailing down the Chesapeake Bay

A collection of Ragtime piano pieces and other music of the era (cakewalks, tangos & waltzes). Recorded on the honky tonk and antique pianos in the old mining town of Virginia City, Nevada.

Ragtime - VOLUME TWO

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Dill Pickles
New Rag
Ragtime Nightingale
Grace and Beauty
Creole Belles
Pineapple Rag
Solace, a Mexican Serenade
Keystone Rag
Echoes from the Snowball Club
Easy Winners
Cole Smoak
Ragtime Nightmare
Gladiolus Rag
Ragging the Scale
Pork and Beans

You are already familiar with Squeek's special style of playing and this time she really goes all out to bring an exciting performance to these two albums.

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